Use of F11 option



How can I ensure that what I hace published fills the screen when a viewer
uses the F11 [full secreen] option?




Don't worry about it.
Unless you have a specific application in mind, such as a Kiosk at a show of some sort, design your pages to fit the most common browser sizes - aim at 970px wide (for 1024px wide browser portal) or 760px wide (for 800px wide portal).
Anything else will probably ruin the layout or make it difficult to use -
For example, any block of normal sized text wider than 650px is difficult to read. Expand that block to fit my 2560px wide screen (if I ever open the browser to full screen) will make it impossible to read.
Images (photo's in particular) are another matter - in general, the bigger the better - but big means long download times, so again compromise between size and filesize. This again usually means a limit of 760px wide.

Also bear in mind that full screen can vary between 800x600 (original Asus EEE netbook) to 2560x1240 - perhaps even bigger. That's a huge difference to design for. Most people with high resolution screens never open their browsers to full screen, and those with lower resolutions are catered for by the 970px width mentioned above.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

Jenyngs formulated the question :

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