USB Wireless Adapter in Vista SP1


Robbie G

Using a Belkin wireless adapter and router, I'm able to 'see' my home
network, but Vista (SP1) won't connect to it automatically on boot-up, or
manually by selecting the network name. After a seemingly random period of
time, the USB adapter bursts into life and the connection is fully opened.
Throughout this process the network remains visible as an available network,
and the 'Repair & Diagnose' option suggests that the cable is unplugged etc.

I've loaded the latest Belkin driver (which is old) and have 3 other PCs
each of which fully connect to the wireless router on boot-up through various
wireless adapters, one of which is an identical Belkin adapter running on XP

What do I need to do to get Vista to connect properly on boot-up ?

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