Wireless Network Connection - Username, Password, and Logon Domain



I upgraded my home wireless network to a new belkin wireless N
router from a belkin wireless G router. I set up the WEP encyrption and got
all of my PCs seeing and using the router again. All of the PCs use USB
adapters to connect to the router - and I could easily connect and put in the
WEP encryption key to use. However, When I tried connecting my Vista based
laptop, it sees the network fine, but when i try to connect, it wants a
username, password, and logon
domain. I never set up any sort of username or password for my router - just
the 128WEP key. What do i put in these fields to get my vista laptop talking
to my new router?

Any thoughts would be great.

Jack \(MVP-Networking\).

Be very specific to what are you trying to connect to.
Connection to the Router per-se is only for the purpose of configuring the
Router, every Router has User name (ID) and password (Info in the Router's
Jack (MVP-Networking).


I would also reset your router settings! WEP is not very secure. Can you use
WPA or WPA"? This is more up to date and alot safer. (You will have to
connect your PC to the router using the cable to do this)

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