Very slow to connect to wireless network on boot



I've had Vista Home Basic for about a week now and the network
connectivity has been excellent. However in the last couple of days I
have noticed that when Vista boots it takes about a minute for my
wireless adapter to connect to the router - before it would connect
instantly upon logginin.

I am using a USB Belkin F5d7050 network adapter with a Belkin 802.11g
cable wireless router with 128 WEP encryption and not broadcasting the

I had to go back to an earlier restore point and the wireless was
connecting instantly again but now - with no changes since the restore
point - it's become slow again. If I unplug the USB adapter and plug
it back in then the connection is almost instant.


FYI, I have a Belkin network card and was experiencing simular problems. I
rolled the driver back in Device manager from version 7 to version 6 and that
fixed the issue for me.

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