Wireless will not immediately initialise



I have got one of these...

to make my PC connect to my wireless network, i set up the connection within
vista and it found my network and connects fantastically, always "Excellent"

but the problem i am having is that when i switch on my PC it loads
everything up but the wireless network is found but will not connect,
eventhough i have set the setting to do so automatically. ATM i am having to
unplug and replug the device at which point it connects automatically!!

any ideas?

Mick Murphy

If you right-click on the network connection, and properties,there is a spot
to tick to connect auto!


Sorry, but i did state in my origional request that i had "have set the
setting to do so automatically" and the issue still persists


I have the same problem. plugging replugging does the trick. I just saw
something about network discovery can take up to 15 minutes to see an xp
machine. I never waited 15 minutes to see if vista would go out and auto
connect. We have a TrendNet usb stick.

Not sure if my problem is same as yours but sure looks that way. I am going
to look for a usb discovery setting. Maybe this is a security default

Post if you figure it out please.



hi my name is asif i am 14 years old and i have been studying computers for 2
years reading books reaserch etc etc....i no my grammer isnt great and you
may not take my advise but i have my own intranet server in my house and my
brother has recently brought a dell witch has windows vista and im
experiencing the same problem there are many ways to fix such as disabling
the wep key and leaving your network insecure i no but so far i have found
that so far but you can kinda cheet it by buyign mcafee wireless network
security and securing it from there witch gives it a 3rd party encryption on
it hop it helps kind requrds
Asif thanks

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