USB printer



I have added hp printer deskjet 5850 to vista hame as a 5600 (as told
on hp website)
It printed. then I added a laserjet 2100 via a parallel to usb.
This works fine but the 5850 has stopped working. I tried plugging
into a different usb port which has just clogged up the port but not
got the printer working. help!

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Uninstall and disconnect both, go into Device Manager and uninstall the USB
Controllers. Reboot the PC.

Vista should re-find and reinstall the USB drivers.

Add the LaserJet first. Get that one printing, then see if you can install
the 5850. Technically you can't 'clog up' a USB port, provided it has
enough power. It can fail... and so can the cable.

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