USB Druvers...



I have around 175 public use machines out in the field, a hodge-podge of
various IBM and Dell systems running XP with service pack 3 and the latest
updates. I am trying to roll out an updated Disk Image with MS Steady State
2.5 and some other updates and enhancements to these machines. They are in
various remote locations, not attached to our corporate network (and we don't
want them to be) but available for remote maintenance over the internet.
Since they are on disparate platforms we need to run sysprep on the images
(prior to Steady State install) so they are at least somewhat platform
independent. I am then having them reboot to UBCD for Windows (on a USB flash
drive with VNC/Ghost etc.) and rebuilding remotely from the syspreped image
on the drive.

The problem I am running into is that sysprep is stripping out the USB
drivers, so clients cannot read their USB mass storage devices after the
build. I thought I had this solved, by having them leave the USB device in
the system and updating the drivers via device manager and Windows Update (I
was then able to read my USB drive as well as a few other USB mass storage
devices). But I am starting to get complaints that not all USB mass storage
devices are being read. It is my understanding that this should be built into
Windows. USBSTOR.sys is present and the correct values are showing in the
registry... "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\USBSTOR­
start value is 3". What am I missing here? Again, I know that Steady State
needs to be installed after the syspreped image is applyed. Has anyone run
into this before, or have any ideas as to the cause?


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