sysprep / mass storage / imaging



I am trying for a long time now to make imaging with WDS and winpe / winxp to
work now. Every move i have a problem. What i still don't understand how to
deal with the mass storage drivers. What i have now:
6 different type of Dell machines (three different HAL's) , WDS server
setup. sysprep is ready. I use mysysprep to see if the machine where the
image is stored has a acpi-pc/up of mp hal. It seems to work (i don't know
yet because still working on the mass storage problem).
All mass storage drivers are stored in c:\sysprep\drivers\sata (all sys, inf
and cat files). In sysprep.inf i have all intel controllers added to the
massstorage section.
When a new Dell arrives i add the network drivers to the boot image of
winpe, then copy all files in the sata folder to c:\sysprep\drivers\sata.
Alle other drivers go to the c:\drivers folder.
I go to the massstorage folder of the new Dell machine and open the
txtsetup.oem. Copy all the lines with pci_dev... to sysprep.inf with the
path: c:\sysprep\drivers\sata.
This part i don't understand. On the internet i saw that other people are
putting also chipset drivers on the massstorage section of sysprep?
How can i see what lines of the txtsetup.oem of new machine must be added to

Before running sysprep i start vernalex driverscanner which add the path to
c:\drivers to the registry then start mysysprep which will start sysprep.
I don't use unattend.txt or $OEM$ file structure because i don't know why i
shoot do that. One is using that and the other is not..?

I know someone can give me al the answers but i like to understand what i am
doiing especially with the mass storage drivers. Am i doiing it wright?


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