Urgent! Checking RAS connection status (dialup and VPN)



Hi everybody,
How do you monitor the connection if it is still open or close for a dial
up and internet RAS connection? I used both dialup and vpn RAS. The dialup is
for modem connection and vpn ras is for remote internet connection. What
methods to use and how to use them? I used RASDial and RasHangUp functions to
connect and disconnect. Can anyone exactly show me codes? I am using C#.


joemon emmatty

Hi .My name is joemon.I am doing a project on vpn using c#.But I have
no idea of how to do that.I think you have some idea of doing it.Could
u plz help me.If you r having some source code plz do send it to me.My
mail ID is (e-mail address removed).
Thank You

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