Upload Files within FP Forms - does thay need visitor authoring?



I am having problems with an online FP form with the upload feature.

1/ Site running on Linux server with FP Exts installed
2/ Form works OK - WITHOUT the upload field included
3/ When I include the upload field - the form prompts me for a UN and PW
4/ The form is within a members subweb which they can only access with a
5/ I may have to give more than Browse access to the users eg Author - is
that the issue?
6/ But if I do this they can change the whole site?


PS Once I get this feature working - can I have multiple upload fields on
the one form?

Mark Fitzpatrick

That's correct. If you're saving data to a location you have to provide more
than browse access. Of course, you can create a sub-directory to put the
files in and only give the anonymous user read/write/delete access for that
particular directory.

Hope this helps,
Mark Fitzpatrick
Microsoft MVP- Expression


Thanks Mark,

I created a subweb called 'uploads' under the members password protected
subweb [memsonly] - eg: domain.com/memsonly/uploads

I then increased the visitors permissions within this 'Uploads' subweb to

It now prompts me OK for the UN and Password but when i enter the access
details [which are the same for the member subweb above it] i get the
following message -

"The server www.domain.com at : requires a username and password."

1/ Is this because the sub directory is in fact a subweb and therefore will
not work.
2/ Did you mean to set up a seperate upload 'folder' [directory'] which I
then change the permissions on the server [eg not via FP Ext Admin area]


Thomas A. Rowe

The FP Upload function is only supported on a Windows IIS web server that has the FP SE installed
and the web host allows you to use the feature.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage



Thanks Thomas for your input but I followed Marks earlier advice and it now

I put the form in a subweb, within the members existing PW protected subweb
and then gave the new subweb unique permissions and boosted the members
existing password to 'Admin'. [So they don't have to re-type a PW when they
submit the form]

The form allows them to update their membership details and qualifications
etc and provides 5 seperate upload fields for documentation uploads. So far I
have tested it to upload - .gif's, .jpg's, word doc's, text files and excel

I do not know at this time however, if there is any limit to the file sizes
it will upload?

Thanks again for your help guys.

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