Upgrading to NT4 to Win2k



This is my scenerio. I one domain with two domain
controllers and two sites which will be two subnets. dc1
is in site1 and dc2 is in site2. I was told that i need to
create subnet objects and site objects in AD. Do i need to
create the site1 object and subnet1 object on dc1 or it
does not matter which dc it is created on? Is there any
article that explains this?

Thanks in advance






settting up separate sites would not be a requirement
unless you have a very small pipe between your sites or if
you need to restrict what kind of traffic goes over the
WAN connection. Setting up separate sites will control
allow you to control how AD replication messages are sent
as well as to which dc clients will authenticate against.
The goal of course is to limit and control what get's sent
across the WAN.

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