Upgrading to Access 2007 on Computer not having an earlier version



I've got Vista Home, which came with a new computer, and have Office Standard
2007 installed on it. I want to install an upgrade version of Access 2007,
but am wondering what the software will do to ensure that I am eligible for
the upgrade. I have nothing of Office 2003 installed, and don't plan to
install any of the 2003 office programs. When I upgraded to Expression Web,
the program just installed itself without requiring proof of eligibility (and
I did not have my 2003 version of FrontPage installed). Will the upgrade for
Access 2007 do the same thing, and just install without asking for proof?
When I bought the new computer, I was able to take advantage of a military
special and get Office 2007 standard (full) for $79 bucks, so I didn't bother
with upgrading from 2003.

Sylvain Lafontaine

If necessary, inserting the CD or DVD of a previous version of Office or of
Access when requested by the Installation Setup (but without installing them
on your computer) should be sufficient to prove your eligibility. This is
what I was doing in the past and I suppose that this is still OK with Office
2007 if you have a copy of Office 2003 (with or without Access 2003?).

It's also possible that your current installation of Office 2007 might be
seen as sufficient.

Why don't you try it?

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