Upgrade from Access 2003 to 2007




We use Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows in a network environment. Our
office has roughly 500 users.

I have a small Access 2003 database I created, which is used by only 10
users (just my department). In the spring, IT will be upgrading us to Office
2007, and then sometime end of next year to Vista.

What problems will my Access 2003 database encounter once the upgrade to
2007 is completed? Will this upgrade necessitate an upgrade of my database
to 2007 also? If so, I am also considering recreating the database entirely
in .NET and having it installed on the firm's Intranet.

Any advice would be most welcome!


Allen Browne

Rosemary, take a look at:
Converting to Access 2007

In essence, your existing database will probably work fine provided it is
set up correctly. This includes things like ensuring the database folder is
trusted (otherwise no code runs), and making sure Office 2007 SP1 is
applied. See the "What's Broken" and "Compatibility" sections in the link
above for details.

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