Upgrading from Windows 2000 to Windows 2000


Michael Jones

I have a user who received a popup message (possibly a
virus, I don't know the full details)saying that her
Windows 2000 installation was invalid and to put a Windows
2000 Installation CD in the D: drive. The only Windows
2000 CD she had available was a 120 day evaluation copy.
She ended up installing the evaluation copy over the pre-
existing version on the workstation. When I tried to
upgrade the evaluation copy back to a full copy using the
OEM CD from Gateway I received the following error message:

Windows 2000 Setup does not support upgrading from
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional to Microsoft Windows
2000 Professional Service Pack 2.

Is there any way such as a registry change that I can
upgrade back to the full version without having to
reinstall everything? Is there any way to uninstall the
evaluation version?


Mike Jones

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