upgrade AiW 7500?



I've got a 3 yr. old AiW 7500 video card and am wondering if I
should upgrade.

I've got a Athlon 64 3200+ CPU and 1 gig memory. I just use the
usual internet apps (browser & news reader) and don't play any
games at all.

But I do use the TV recorder daily to tape programs to watch later
making my computer like a Tivo.

Since I don't play games, I'm wondering if a 9600XT AiW would be
a noticeable improvement over the 7500. I do notice a video lag
every once in a while when I'm running a bunch of windows. That
might be my imagination or maybe due to the old card I'm using.

Do you think a new card (9600XT AiW for example) would be a
worthwhile upgrade just for taping/watching TV?



Ted F

I had the ATI AIW 7500, thought I would upgrade to the ATI AIW 9600. I did,
and boy I'm sorry I did. Nothing but problems, NOT the video drivers they
worked fine. BUT, the MMC CD suite that the RETAIL package come with they
are so outdated, to the web updated MMC 9.08, which is also outdated. ATI
tech support was no help solving the issues I was having with this video
card. Had the video card for two months.

The problems I was having :

-TV Player would freeze/hang the computer.
-Windows XP Event Viewer errors would show up and cause system errors.
-Repeat overhall, Re-install of Windows XP.

I had to throw the ATI AIW 9600 out in the garbage and I got a NVIDA video
card with a seperate TV Tuner card. The new NVIDA and TV Tuner together are
working GREAT! with NO issues or errors (drivers & software).

If you want to try this video card ALL 9600 series...GOOD LUCK!

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