AIW 7500 and AIW9600 Pro



Been using ATI video cards since 1985 and must say I've enjoyed the quality
of the cards and the company.
Recently upgraded from a AIW 7500 to a AIW 9600 Pro. I'm finding the TV out
and resulting recording are poor in quality when compared with the AIW 7500.

Anyone have any dealings with these two cards ?

Also I'm VERY pissed with ATI as there customer service is extremely poor in
relation to my previous dealings with them. All they seem to us now are user
input forms and canned answers.




Having gone from a 7200 AIW to a 9700 and it having been replaced under
warranty with a 9800, my experience is that the older card had much better
TV reception and thus record quality. ATI never offered an explanation
instead referring me to FAQ's that suggested poor cable connection. This was
not a factor since I could literally switch between the two cards (7200 and
9700) and compare the difference. In any event the 9800 has better reception
then the 9700 but not as good as the 7200.

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