Unwanted public calendar appts. appearing on personal calendars


Renee P

We have recently set up a public calendar (via a mailbox) for my company so
that employees may post major meetings/events and vacations for all to see.
Currently, everyone is set up with an Author permission level. In our "test
run" a few of us have posted vacation days by adding the public calendar as a
resource when making an appointment in our own calendars. So far there is
only one glich.

If I click on and open an appointment that someone else has posted to the
public calendar, it is automatically transferred to my calendar as a pending
appt. Unless I decline it, it stays on my calendar.

Is there a way to prevent the public appt. from appearing on my calendar
when I click on it?



Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)

I have my clients use it a little differently to prevent that and other

Use the public Calendar is a place for people to go and see what's on. Like
a wall planner!

Make the leave appointment in your own Calendar eg "Judy leave: Hawaii" then
drag it with the right mouse button to the Public Folder Calendar to Copy it

Make a company Event directly into the Public Folder.

Avoid using the Resource button as the methods I described above do not need
it to be used.

I hope that helps.


Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook


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