Unwanted Printer Icon on Desktop




I recently successfully installed a printer/scanner/copier on my Windows XP
PC. During the process, an icon for the printer was placed on the "My
Computer" menu like normal; in addition, a duplicate printer icon with the
same name and formats was placed on my desktop. Like its twin, this printer
icon on my desktop does not give the option to delete it. I tried
uninstalling and reinstalling the printer software, but the extra icon was
created again. I installed this same printer on a prior PC running Windows
XP and this did not happen. Does anyone know why this would occur and if
there is anyway to delete this desktop icon?



Richard Urban

The printer install routine created the desktop icon so I would go to the
help section of the web page for your printer manufacturer to find out how -
why - etc.

Tim Meddick

Any desktop icons that are not actual .lnk files (shortcuts) are virtual
links placed there by registry entries.

It might take a little detective work but the registry entry for the desktop
icon will be here:


.... under this key will be several keys with very long alpha-numerical
names. if you look inside them you will [probably] find one with a
reference to it's name on the desktop (such as 'Printer Properties' or

I say 'probably' because it's not always the case that the name or any clue
is placed within this key as the registry looks up the long alpha-numerical
name in the CLSID part of the registry for the name, icon and command of the
'virtual shortcut'. But, quite often, it is.

One will most certainly have the words 'Recycle Bin' within - don't delete
that one - but you see what I mean.

Before you go to the extreme of looking in the registry, however, do try
looking for your answer within your printers software. Somewhere in there,
I reckon, there WILL be an option to show an icon on the desktop, or not.

*Please exercise care when using Regedit, always perform a backup of your
registry / make a System Restore point, before changing anything.


Cheers, Tim Meddick, Peckham, London. :)

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