Unsure About SQL Server Tables Indexed



I am working with SQL Server tables in MS Access via an odbc connection.
When I look at the tables in design mode (using Access), there is no
indication that any of the fields in any of the tables are indexed.

The SQL Server adminstrator (youger fellow) claims that the fields in
question are indexed.

My query performance using either Access queries or PassThru queries perform
so poorly that they time out before they can retrieve about 30,000 records.

How can I determine for sure if the indexes exist? Should I be able to see
then in Access? I can see indexes on ODBC Oracle connections.

Thank you




Robert Morley

Normally this group isn't geared towards ODBC connections (use
m.p.a.odbcclientsvr or possibly m.p.a.externaldata), however in your case,
probably the easiest thing to do is to set up an ADP (which this group IS
geared towards). If you go into design mode in an ADP, then you should be
able to see all regular indexes...though I'm not sure if you'd be able to
see something like full-text indexing, which is an optional component in SQL




We did what you suggested and, he now agrees that the indexes are indeed.

This means there will be much hope for imporving my query performance!

Thank you.



Susie DBA [MSFT]

FTS is now included with all versions of SQL Server 2005 right?

no; FTS wouldn't show up in the indexes (design view) I dont'

but I am pretty sure that FTS is now stored somewhere; I would assume
it's going to belong in the Sys schema and be called soemthing along
the lines of catalogs

I _LOVE_ the new FTS.. I wasn't able to get decent performance using
FTS in SQL 2000 on a rather large DB; but SQL 2005 just seems night
and day better



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