SQL security permissions



I upsized a 2002(Saved as 2000) Database BE to SQL Server 2000. However I do
not know what kind of permissions to grant in SQL to allow my users to use
the Access FE. I am connecting via ODBC and using a trusted connection.

I have several Select Queries for teachers and most staff and they will need
read-write access to the tables for input.

I am a newbie to SQL but I am trying to learn.

Mary Chipman [MSFT]

In a nutshell: If you are using a trusted connection, and your users
are segregated into Windows groups that have the necessary permission
levels, then you can enable those Windows groups to log on to SQL
Server. You then grant them access to the database and map them to
database roles, assingning the necessary permissions to the database
roles. For an in-depth answer, search on "SQL Server 2000
permissions", which will give you a list of resources to choose from
to get the detailed information you need to successfully implement
security for your environment.


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