Access 2007 can't connect to SQL Server



Hello all,
I have this Access 2000 /SQL Server 2000 project that I want to upsize to
Access 2007 / SQL Server 2007-2008.
By now I have a SQL 2000 Server with Windows XP and MSDE. I can connect to
this server from other XP machines with Access 2000 ADPs.
I prepared a Vista Ultimate machine with Office Ultimate and I create a new
ADP. Then I go to Server / Connection, give the database name, Server name,
username, password, click on "Test connection" and I receive an "Error in
test connection initializing provider. Error not specified".
What should I check here to connect the Access 2007 project with the SQL
Server 2000 database ?.
Best regards,

Sylvain Lafontaine

A lot of thing: first, check for any firewall and try to ping the machine.
After that, check between the named pipe and the tcp/ip protocol by using
either np: or tcp: before the name of the server. You can also try to
directly use the tcp/ip address of the server and try adding ,1433 at the
end (if you are using the port 1433 in a static configuration).

Of course, if this is not the default instance, then you must add the name
of the instance after the name of the server:

sqlcmd -S tcp:nomserveur\sqlexpress,1433

Finally, check if you would have created any alias for the sql-server on the
machines which can connect properly. If you are using an alias then you
should recreate this alias on your new Vista machine. Here are some
articles to help you:

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