Access 2007 compatibility with SQL Server 2008


Jacques Latoison

Though I found similar questions, I didn't find the answer so I'm
posting the below problem.

I cannot get Access 2007 to connect and create a DB through the ADP wizard
on SQL 2008.

Oddly enough, I have a SQL 2005 installation elsewhere, with two different
instances on the same box.

All SQL Servers are Windows 2008 Enterprise x64.

The SQL 2005 had an instance that was upgraded from SP2 to 3 and it still
takes connections.
The SQL 2005 second instance DOES not accept connection from Access (or
other packages).
The SQL 2008 installation (on a seperate server) also will not accept
connections from Access 2007.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks beforehand,

Jacques Latoison

I got a message from Access 2007 that the version of SQL is newer than
Office, and I should go to Microsoft for a service pack or update for Office
(and Visual Studio) to talk to this version of SQL.

Does anyone know of such a patch or service pack?

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