Data provider could not be initialized



Hi All,

I have problem with client adp 2003 connected to sql msde (2000)
When program was started, "Data provider could not be initialized"
error message pop up.
Then another message like "cannot connect to database "x" on "pc
\instance", make sure it still exist and database server is running."

This has never happened before. It was running fine until I restored
the database.
I tried to reproduce the error, rename my own computer to the client's
computer name, and restore the same backup. run the program but I've
got no error message on my computer.

Also on the client's computer I was able to connect to the database
using sql management studio, meaning the sql server service is running
and can connect to the database as well.
I've tried to restore the database with a new backup, repair the
access 2003 runtime, re-insatall the application itself, all did not
fix the problem.

Any advise to fix the problem would be appreciated.


Aaron Kempf

hey I don't think that anyone uses these groups any longer.. I'd love to help you, but I'm _REALLY_ not available M-F 9-5.

Any chance we could do a teamviewer / gotomeeting sometime to look into this issue?

-Aaron Kempf
(e-mail address removed)

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