query links to SQL server and mdb table



I have a query who links tables include SQL server via ODBC and mdb
tables using JET.

The SQL sever table has many records. The performance is good when I
run the query against the SQL server.

The performance becomes poor when the query link to a mdb table which
only has a few hundreds records.

I just wonder does MS Access to retrieve all the table to client
applications when query links tables with SQL server and mdsb tables.

If not, are there any way to resolve the performance issue when a
query links SQL server and mdb tables.

Your information is great appreciated,

Pat Hartman

Access supports heterogeneous joins but to do so, it must retrieve all the server-side data and process it locally. So, you may experience slow responses if the server-side tables contain large numbers of records.

Tell us more about what you are trying to do and we'll try to offer an alternative solution.

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