unknown devices in device manager: jrobie79



when i open my device manager there are several items that are labled in
yellow with a yellow question mark and a black exclamation point. They are
under the heading Other Devices and under that there are 4 different devices
Ethernet Controller
Multimedia Audio Controller
PCI Modem
Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

when i open the properties it says the driver isnt installed, so i put in my
driver disc, and try to install the driver and it says the wizard cant find
the neccessary software. What is wrong here and anyone got any suggestions?

I plug in my wireless card and my wireless internet connection works,
however when I plug in a network cable into the back, I get no internet
connection. please help.....




Sounds like you have an integrated motherboard. Driver disks that come
with such you often have to choose the motherboard model and the os for
the right driver to be installed. I'm just at a loss why your drivers
aren't being installed.


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