Unknown Device



On starting Vista I get a message advising that an 'Unknown Device' has not
been installed.

The unknown device also shows up in Device Manager and when I try to fix it,
I am asked for a disk, or to identify the device type and manufacturer.

As far as I know, all the devices attached to my computer are accounted for.
How can I identify this 'Unknown Device'?


I don't know if this will help but , I had the same problem and it was my
monitor driver. Go intoo device manager and see if there is a monitor listed.
I had to go to the mufacturers site to get the driver. If it is listed see if
you can spot a piece of hardware missing.


I have the same issue. I thought, at first, it was becasue I had a headset
plugged into the USB. The USB driver for the sound is not working since
Logitech does not support it yet. However, the headset is not plugged in
anymore and I still get the message.... Unknown Device. Finnaly, I told
Vista to not remind me anymore.

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