Unknown Device Showing Up...



After unsuccessfully trying to install Windows Mobile Device Center, and it
did not find my AT&T 8525 pda...I now have 2 Unknown Devices showing up in my
Device Manager, along with pop-ups looking to install drivers, which are
never found. How can I remove these Unknown Devices and related pop-up

Thank you,



I have a similar problem, recently my computer stopped recognising my
external hard drive :)/E) . it had a drive :/E which it say is a CD drve but
does not exsist in reality. when i click on it it says please insert a CD
then takes me to my hard drive but won't display any of the files, it's
really frustrating! the only way i can see around it is to delete that entry
but i don't know how to do it i've tried everything. please someone help!

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