Uninstall old version using old msi file


Viviana Vc

Hi all,

I have the following concept question.

Let's say I release my product (using an MSI installer) today. Some
users will install it.

In 2 weeks I have to release a newer version of my product. As I want
the user to have only one version of my product installed I would then
have to uninstall first the old version (somehow).

How can I be sure that for uninstalling the previous version the .msi
from _that_ version will be used and _not_ the msi for this newer
version? I mean in one step to be:
- to uninstall previous version using old msi in order to use the
uninstaller steps provided with the same package that was used to
install that version?
- to install the new version using the new provided .msi file?

Thank you,



Rob Hamflett

If you use the Upgrade table and RemoveExisting Products, it'll use the
cached MSIs when removing the existing versions, so you don't need to
worry about it.


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