MSI VBScript ActiveDirectory SMS



Hi All

I have an MSI that is for a company, the MSI will be packaged once, The
purpose of the MSI is to deploy a package to Workstations, the package
includes a embeded VBScript that should look at the Computer OU and work out
which compent to install.

When I run the MSI manually it works, through SMS the script does not run,

any ideas or thoughts?



Gerry Hickman


Make sure you have set up error logging properly, then tell us what
error you get.

I'd suspect an issue with a local Admin account not having network
access rights.

Phil Wilson

A log would be useful, but where is the custom action? Which sequence? If
the SMS install is a silent install then the UI sequence won't run.


Remember that SMS Client run under the "Local System" account which does not
have access the network resources. This will most like be why your MSI is
not working.

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