Unidentified Wireless Network - Cant Connect to the Internet


A.N. Onymous Esq

Just upgraded to Vista Home Premium and put SP1 on. I connect to my router
via a Linksys WUSB54GS as I am too far away for a wired connection. This
WiFi connection worked fine in XP. Vista recognizes it and install the
drivers for it. I can browse the local network but Internet connection
fails. When I click on diagnose and repair it tell me I cant connect to the
internet as I have two active network connections. On is my "Proper"
connection and the other says "Unidentified Network". Both are connected to
my wireless access point and if I click disconnect on either both close!

Any ideas?

Ripoff AutoSales

Are you trying to connect via wire or wireless?
I didn't see the original post, so I don't know what you have tried.
Most laptops have a switch to turn the wireless on/off, is it on?
If so, I would reboot the wireless router.
If you still have no connection, remove the wireless and/or ethernet adapter
from Device Manager, reboot and allow it/them to reinstall.
If it still won't connect, I would suspect hardware failure and get back on
the phone with the manufacturer.

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