Setting up Wireless Networks


Gordon Biggar

On my laptop, I am using Vista Home Premium (32-bit). I set up a wireless
connection with my router, using a Netgear wireless adapter. Works like a

On my desktop, I have Vista Home Premium (64-bit). It interjects a
"VirtualProfile" into the equation of wireless networks available. Using
Netgear, I established "Profile1." On the Manage Wireless Networks tab
under the Network and Sharing Center, I see both networks. I have placed
Profile1 on top (so to speak) of VirtualProfile, assuming that the system
will attempt to connect to the Internet first using Profile1. However,
every time that the computer boots up, it boots up to the VirtualProfile
setting. It shows as connected to the network, but not to the Internet.
Each time, I must go to Start\Connect To in order to connect to Profile1,
which then connects to the Internet.

If Vista is going to try to connect to the Internet with VirtualProfile,
regardless of my settings, how do I go about enabling that profile to
connect to the Internet?

Gordon Biggar
Houston, Texas

Peter Foldes


See the following

Some more info
Vista File and Printer Sharing-
Windows XP File Sharing -;en-us;304040
Printer Sharing XP -
Windows Native Firewall setting for Sharing XP -
Windows XP patch for Sharing with Vista -


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Gordon Biggar

Interesting site, but I did not find anything there pertaining to my
problem. Out of curiosity, I tried Google, and there are a number of folks
who have experienced the identical problem with Netgear and Vista. One
solution of interest, which worked for some, was to uninstall Netgear, and
then re-install it, but not permitting Netgear to load its drivers, but
instead enabling Windows to load its drivers. I will try that.


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