Vista and (wireless?) networking?



I have a weirdness with my new Vista laptop on my wireless network. I
don't know if this is particular to the wireless component or if this
might occur on hardwired networks as well. I am unable to test whether
this occurs on a wired network as the router is situated upstairs in a
bedroom and I don't easily get to that part of the house.

Periodically, most often after Vista returns from Sleep mode, the
wireless network icon in the status area of the taskbar will display
"unidentified (greenleaf)" and show access as "Local Only. "greenleaf"
is the name of my wireless network. At other times, it will display
"greenleaf (Private) and access as "Local and Internet".

If it is in the former mode, I an obviously unable to access the

The only remedy I have found is to disconnect and reconnect from my
wireless network until the network is correctly identified as
"greenleaf (Private)".

Can anyone offer information as to what I can do to remedy this
situation permanently?

I have two other computers (both XP) that connects wirelessl to the
same network without any of this happening ever.

I don't know if Vista is more sensitive to something on the network
(WPA encrypted) or if I need to update or modify some setting wither
in the network, the router or in Vista.

Thanks for all/any help.


With laptops, the simplest remedy would be to turn the wireless switch off
before putting computer into sleep mode. During wakeup state, it normally
takes Vista wireless about 5 seconds to connect after turning wireless switch
back on.


If you've got an ethernet adapter in the PC try disabling it. Alternatively,
change the metric value in both adapters from automatic to a numeric value,
say 10 for the wireless and 20 for the ethernet. Suspecting that the
"unknown" network is your unconnected ethernet adapter being detected by
Vista's firewall/networking.

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