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Reposted as per suggestion:

From what I have read, unless I misunderstand, having Windows-XP should
include Arial Unicode or Lucinda Sans... One of which should have also
installed onto my fonts folder when updating the office packs/service
packs... Yet I have no unicode fonts and I can't really see as to why this
is... And then if I search for just a quick download of the font, I see that
it and any other unicode font costs ~$100.... Why does it say that a unicode
font of some kind is
included with windows XP, but I do not have access to anything like this?

I can't read anything in Chinese on the web as of this moment, which is why
I ask.

Paul Randall

Nice font.
WXP's Charmap.exe can display all the characters that are available in a
font. For those code points that are not available, Charmap displays a box.
The first code point missing in this font is U+0B01: Oriya Sign Candrabindu.
You can see what this character should look like at

Question: Do you know of a free utility that can provide a list of code
points in a font or missing from a font? Using Charmap to see what a
character looks like is a useful tool, but it is rather tedious for finding
a font that contains a glyph for a particular code point.

-Paul Randall

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