??? Clicking on a font makes my Computer shut down



Please excuse the cross-posts. I truly do not know where to ask this
question. I have XP Home. I am using Font Navigator 4 -- it's a number of
years old. I have some Greek unicode fonts. When I am in Font Navigator
and I click on one of the Greek unicode fonts, the computer shuts off. But
if I click on the font above or below it, and then use the arrow keys to
highlight the font, the computer keeps working.

I've never heard of a font crashing a computer before. Note: I have
about 150 fonts installed. I use Font Navigator to move groups of fonts,
depending on the kind of work I'm doing.

What could be causing this?

Will Denny


Have you checked to see if there is either a 'patch' or upgrade on the Font Navigator web site so that the program will work properly with XP?


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