Generating a reply with the original message included

Sep 16, 2014
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Hello all,

I work for support and many of our users have similar requests, so I wanted to create a code that generates a reply with specific content. I was able to generate the response but it doesn’t include the body of the original email. I tried to use “olincludeOriginalText” but it doesn’t work, although the others do (like “olLinkOriginalItem”)

How do I achieve my goal of generating a reply with the original message included.

Below is my code

Thank you,

Sub wellview_install_2()

Dim objMail As Outlook.mailItem
'objMail is my reply

Dim objitem As Outlook.mailItem
'bojitem is the original email I'm replying to

Dim objAction As Outlook.action

Set objitem = GetCurrentItem()

Set objAction = objitem.actions.Add

objAction.Name = "Rep”

objAction.ReplyStyle = olIncludeOriginalText

Set objMail = objAction.Execute

objMail.CC = "PEASD IFPSD Support”

objMail.Body = “bla blab la”


Set objitem = Nothing

Set objMail = Nothing

End Sub
Function GetCurrentItem() As Object
Dim objApp As Outlook.Application
Set objApp = Application
On Error Resume Next
Select Case TypeName(objApp.ActiveWindow)
Case "Explorer"
Set GetCurrentItem = objApp.ActiveExplorer.Selection.Item(1)
Case "Inspector"
Set GetCurrentItem = objApp.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
Case Else
End Select
End Function​
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