undeleting a logical drive


Dave Allen

Dear Ladies, Gentlemen,

Could you please help me out of this one: I'm facing a
system with SBS2000, from which a logical drive has been
deleted via Disk Manager. That logical drive contained
vital data and should possibly be undeleted. I have been
trying numerous things but didn't succeed in doing so by
any means till this very moment. Your help would be more
than appreciated!!

Many thanx in advance,
Dave Allen





Get the DiskPatch demo and prepare a DOS bootflop > have DiskPatch scan the

Repair MBR > FixMBR tables > SKIP all (although the demo will not write to
your disk anyway). Now email me the logfile (dskpatch.log) and find on our
support page the link to Ptedit and download that.


- This was a basic disk
- the partition was only deleted and no repairs were attempted

Then I should be able to email you straight forward directions to get the
partition back

Kind regards,

D I Y D a t a R e c o v e r y . N L - Data & Disaster Recovery Tools


Please include previous correspondence!

DiskPatch - MBR, Partition, boot sector repair and recovery.
iRecover - FAT, FAT32 and NTFS data recovery.
MBRtool - Freeware MBR backup and restore.

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