When deleting logical drive.....



My computer has a disk consists of two hard disks by RAID-0. It has been
partitioned into 2 primary partitions and 1 logical partitions. There are 8
logical drives and 3.57GB unallocated space. All of these partitions are
partitioned with build-in Disk Management.

I want to create a bigger logical drive from the last 2 logical drives and
the unallocated space 3.57GB.
When I delete any logical drive, system shows the following error message:
TITLE: Logical Disk Manager
CONTENT: An internal error has occurred. The Logical Disk Manager service
may have become unstable. Please close the Disk Management snapin window and
restart the Logical Disk manager service or reboot the machine.

After restarting the Logical Disk Manager service or rebooting the machine,
it still shows the same error message. When I create a logical drive from the
unallocated space, it also shows this message again.

How to solve this problem?
Or what method can reach my objective?

OS: Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Service Pack 4 English
(PS: It has been updated using Windows Update.)





Deborah Jones

Are there any messages in the system event log? Also, there is a command
line tool available for download, diskpart.exe, that is an alternatve to
usng the UI. You might check to see if diskpart gives you the same error.

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