Maxilum logical disk size in Windows server 2003



Promise VTRAK M500P disk array controller with 15 SATA HDs 700 GB each is
attached via SCSI cable to a Windows Server 2003.
An array RAID 5 type has been created by means of the built-in WEB
interface. Whithin the array there is one logical drive of 9.55 TB defined
(14 HDs 700 GB each)

On configuration pages everything seems to be OK, but in general the drive
is not recognized by MS Server 2003. Sometimes it is recognized, but it is
marked as Unknown in Windows Disk Manager and no settings are displayed.

What could be wrong?

Thank you very much,




Dave Patrick

Sounds like possible configuration or termination issues. What does "not
recognized by MS Server 2003. Sometimes it is recognized" mean? The
manufacturer may provide some array management software that may help
diagnose the problem.



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Edwin vMierlo [MVP]

you probably want to convert this disk to GPT first using Diskpart "convert
gpt" command
for more information about diskpart usage, see:

Personally I would not run a 9.55TB disk, just imaging the time it will take
to run chkdsk on that, can you afford downtime like that ?
why not use smaller disks, and use mountpoints ?


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