undelete from root?


Joe Magiera

By accident (obviously), from a command prompt (DOS
Window), while in the root drive, a delete *.* command
was issued (i.e., "C:\>delete *.*").

Fortunately XP was smart enough to not delete any
folders. However all files in the root have been deleted.

I've tried no fewer than 6 various undelete applications
with no success. They all have problems identfying
deleted files in the root directory. One of them, nice
enough to offer tech support for a demo version, noted
that it doesn't have anything to attach files in the root
to, so it doesn't find them.

I tried running the old MS DOS undelete command, but I
got some kind of "Delete Sentry control file not found".
Documentation said to use a /dos switch on it, but that
didn't work either. I do remember how well that undelete
command worked back in the DOS/Windows days.

Does anyone know of any ways to undelete files from the
root directory? Any tips/help much appreciated. Thanks,


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