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The power flickered and a folder on an XP SP3 machine literally
disappeared. NTFS Undelete restored the files by copying them to another
folder, but all of the creation and modification dates were set to
today. GetDataBack was able to copy the files to another disk while
maintaining the file names.

Is there a utility that will simply undelete the files where they sit?
It's really hard to convince myself to write over the deleted files when
I restore the folder. I don't know any way to mark the folder off limits
such that the deleted files will not be overwritten.


whenever there is a power failure,

a check disk is required to ensure
that the file system is indexed to
the master file table.

it is possible that the folder you
cannot see is simply un-indexed
and was not deleted.


however, before proceeding with
a check disk you might try out your
initial idea of undeleting the folder;

though it is unlikely that it was

a freeware called "recuva" can
restore deleted files that are still
on the hard drive.

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