undelete software?



is there any that works with Vista?

I have a directory with consecutively numbered *.wmv files,


I know I deleted some. I can instantly see that there are some which were
deleted, because of the numbering. Yet I've tried 3 undelete programs (Glary,
DiskDoctors, SystemUp) and none of them even see the deleted files.


Richard G. Harper

If you've written anything to the drive since deleting the files you may
well have made them permanently unrecoverable. If three programs can't see
them then that's possibly to probably the case here.

John Barnett MVP

The problem with accidentally deleting files is that, once you realise your
error, you should stop what you are doing and immediately start a file
recover application. The more you use the computer, the greater the chance
that you will over-write the file you are trying to recover.

When a file is deleted it isn't 'physically' deleted from the drive, all
that actually happens is that the file is marked as 'removed' allowing the
system to re-write to the portion of your hard drive that that file
occupied. If you subsequently save another file there is every chance that
that file will be saved to the space on your hard drive that your previously
deleted file occupied.

If you have already run three undelete applications and none of them can
find the file(s) then chances are they are unrecoverable. However, you might
try the freeware application called Recuva (www.recuva.com) to see if that
can locate/undelete the file(s).


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Richard Urban

Remember. it pays to have said file recovery program installed on the
computer - waiting to go.

If you accidently delete files the simple act of installing a file recovery
program (after the incident) may, in fact, destroy those very files you are
attempting to recover.

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