Uncommanded key strokes



My laptop is only 3 months old. About 5 weeks ago I started haing keyboard
problems. Certain letters don't type, or if they do, it's done uncommanded,
and repeatedly as if you were holding it down. Along with this problem, I'll
get 2 sometimes 3 shortcuts on the desktop alternating highlighting back and
forth as if my cursor had gone oer top of them. These particular shortcuts
all begin with the letter w (now it types!) or the letter after u (can't type
this one presently). Eg. Windows Media Player, Welcome to (SONY), etc., or
can change to shortcuts that begin with the letter (the one that follows u).
And lastly as a symptom, my Boot Up
is basically inhibited and produces a constant beeping until I hit 'Escape'
or the Space Bar. Then it proceeds completing it's process.
As you can see, this is ery frustrating. I'e tried using the restore to no
aail. I tried deleting the keyboard drier and reinstalled a new one. I just
did a recoery and it still acts up. I'm using Norton Utilities and Dr.
Spyware to detect iruses, etc... but they neer seem to fix it so perhaps it's
a software or hardware problem. I had an authorized repair shop recently
replace my keyboard. That hasn't helped. My config shows that I hae
keyboard drier set up for 101 keys, the same drier that shipped with my
computer. My keyboard on my laptop only has 88. I would think that would
make a big difference but this problem wasn't there when I bought the
computer, so I'e sort of ruled that out.
Whateer it is, seems to be part of the BIOS due to the fact that the bootup
is inhibited and produces that beep een before the Windows xp screen
comes on. If a restore won't fix it, any ideas on what may?--
Erwin from Guam



David Candy

Your keyboard will emulate a 101 keyboard. You should have a Fn key or something. It sounds like a faulty/dirty key/keyboard. Try vacuuming the keyboard.

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