Cannot type SOME double letters in MS Word

Jul 21, 2017
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I cannot type some double letters in MS Word.

The forum questions that I have viewed don't quite address my problem. If I did miss the relevant forum, a thousand apologies, and I would be grateful if someone could guide me to the right forum. Thank you in advance.

I recently upgraded from Snow Leopard to Sierra on my Mac. I am using Office 2011 (for Mac, ver. 14.7.3)

The following problem did not exist until I upgraded to Sierra.

Aside from other minor problems (like staying in caps lock every time I use the shift key), I cannot type double letters.

This is not a problem with the keyboard. The problems do not exist in text edit, PowerPoint, Excel, or when I'm typing directly onto forum pages. The problem occurs only in MS Word, and the problem occurs with only SOME words.

For example, I cannot type summer. Oddly enough, I can type "Summer" at the beginning of a sentence. No problem.
This problem does not occur with all double letters, either.
I can type baggage, but not luggage.

The problem is not fatal because I simple add words like "sumer" and "naturaly" to Auto Correct, but it is mildly irritating.

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. I may need to upgrade to Office 2016.

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