Unblock bebo?



My daughter's Bebo page wasn't showing any images or video, her MySpace and
other pages displaying OK.
She tried a few things including System Restore, Firefox, updating Java,
Windows Update, checking settings for displaying images etc. but nothing
Then discovered that using something called unblock Bebo she could see it
Googling this it seem that this works by using a proxy for PC's blocked by
an administrator but why should she need to in the first place, she is the
admin and why only her Bebo page?
Is it possible that it's some setting in Zone Alarm?
She's using XP Pro/SP2, all recent updates but not IE7.
ISP is BT via a home hub, no other PC's connected to it.

Andrew Murray

What is "bebo" - aninmal, vegetable or mineral? (Seriously - what the heck
is it??).

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