Unable to View Shared Mailbox Contacts in Address List



I have created a shared mailbox that is used and monitored by up to 8 people.
We currently share a contacts folder in the public folders but i want to
move this to the contacts folder in the shared mailbox. The problem i have
come across is that i cannot make the contacts folder in the shared mailbox
available to the 4 users in the address list. When they create a new message
and click on TO, i need them to be able to see the shared contacts folder.

i have found one way to achieve this but it is very messy - it involves
creating a profile on each pc that connects to the shared mailbox and the
users primary mailbox. It means that the user needs to run Outlook by
clicking on a modified shortcut (the shortcut target needs to be changed to
point to the new profile).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how this can be easily achieved?

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

The messy way is the only way to set up the profile correctly. Maybe you
should be thinking about why you want to use a mailbox folder instead of a
public folder?

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