Outlook 2003: Is there any way of making the contacts list of asecondary mailbox appear in the addre



A small group of our users user a third party application that
incorporates a plug in for Outlook. It works fine, except that it
requires specific addresses (stored in the contacts of a shared
mailbox, not their own personal mail accounts). How do I get the
contacts of a secondary mailbox to appear in the drop down list of the
address book within Outlook (if this is possible at all). I can only
think of 2 workarounds only: 1) Use a public folder - not ideal as we
would have to continually copy over contacts from the shared mailbox;
and 2) for the users to log in with the account of the shared mailbox
- would cause even more complications. Is there any way of
accomplishing this for a secondary mailbox?




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