Unable to Share Sub-calendar with group of users


Ann DS

I have Outlook 2003. At work, I created a “sub-calendar†in Outlook for
certain dates that are relevant to a user group and I want to share this
sub-calendar with the group. Based on help from this list, I created the new
sub-calendar in my Outlook. I then gave everyone in my group Reviewer or
Editor permission and folder visible permission on my main calendar and on
the new sub-calendar.

Next, I asked one of the members in my group to try to access the new
calendar by doing the following:

-From Outlook, go to Tools, E-mail Accounts

-Choose: E-mail View or Change existing e-mail Accounts

-Click Next

-Choose Change, then More Settings

-Click on the Advanced Tab

-The Academic Affairs Calendar should appear in a box. Highlight that and
click Add

-Close the window with “OKâ€

She reported that when she got to the next to the last step, there were not
any folders available in the box for her to choose.

Any ideas about why this didn't work? Please let me know what I've done wrong?

Thanks very much.



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