Unable to drag audio files into Sound Forge



I just installed Vista Ultimate edition and it will not allow me to drag and
drop audio files into Sound Forge 9 and Fl Studio. Is there a way to
activate this drag and drop feature. I've allready done the start program
option and it still doesnt work.
Please Help.

Not Me

What do you mean drag & drop into the program?
In the actual program window? Or into the program folder?
If the program is trying to write to to the 'Program Files' folder, Vista
doesn't like that.
By not allowing data to be written to the Program Files folder, they claim
increased security.
Install the program(s) outside of the Program Files folder. (or)
Shell out some more dough & get Vista compatible versions of the software.


If your Sound Forge folder is located in Program Windows then as No Stop
correctly said, Vista won't want you to do it unless your showed
credentials. It Is for your won good actually, because similarly a worm or
virus can install their spyware into this folder without your knowledge.

It Is easy to fix.

You are not the administrator and will never be. Administrator is an object.

You can temporarily give yourselves rights to perform some operations as if
you were Administrator, yes. Your power still will be limited. Actually you
do not need more than that.

In order to do what you want you will have to open "Local Users And Groups"
GUI (either typing lusrmgr.msc in Windows\system32\ -- do not forget to open
Command Prompt as "run as Administrator" - take a notice!!!) or if you have
Home or Home Premium you should go thru Control panel> System and
Maintenance>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Local Users and Groups.

Open up thumbnail Groups, open up Group "Administrators" (nb: it is plural)
and you will see the object "administrator" in there. Add yourselves to this
group. Close the GUI.

You may have a somewhat easier life from now on but it may not be enough.
You may also need to establish yourselves as a person who has the right to
write into certain folders if you want. Go to that folder, left
click>>Properties>>Security tab>>Edit>>Add>>type in your name>>Close that
window, Check checkbox "Full Control">>Apply>>OK.

You may also need to delete Inheritance. Click Advanced. That will give you
an option to uncheck a checkbox and the ownership rights of other objects
will be terminated.

Now you will have the right to do what you want in this folder and ALL its
subfolders. You will never be denied any access. You should exercise this
power judiciously and on a limited basis.

Vista requires a higher level of cognitive awareness of security issues. Get
ready for it.

Bobby McNulty

Alexb, Home Premium does not have that.
lusrmgr.msc is not supported. It is User Accounts.

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