Audio sound



My system has Vista Home Premium OS updated daily. I've worked out several
problems, but have no sound.

My motherboard has audio on-board and it is set "AUTO" in BIOS. The audio is
RealTec AC'97. Windows Device Mgr says the drivers are installed and the
devise is working fine. Microsoft sounds have been chosen but won't play. I
have uninstalled and installed to no avail. My speakers are stereo with a
woofer. The Green lead is connected to the computer at the green lead. The
speakers work with my laptop, so there isn't a problem there. I have plugged
in and replugged all the connections multiple times. I do get a hum, a
little static and/ or a small boom when fooling with the connections.

I think VISTA is blocking the RealTec software somehow with media player or
another Microsoft audio devise. I have played with the defaults in Default
Programs and in Programs and Features.

I have downloaded and installed the latest ASUS RealTec drivers.

No sound.

Short of disengaging the audio in BIOS and buying a sound card, what do you
suggest might be the solution here?


I am having a problem too. The sound mixer on my taskbar says the volume is
turned all the way down. When I try to move the slider up, it automatically
slides back down to 0, muting everything. How do I make this stop?

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