UAC takes away all my documents!



I haven't experienced this one before. I have reinstalled my Vista Ultimate,
activated it, updated everything (Windows and programs). I then turned off
UAC and restarted. Everything was fine, all my data was obviously still

But then, when I turn UAC back on and restart, all the documents in my
Documents folder, are gone! In fact, if I go to my user folder (Documents,
Music, etc), everything is there except the Documents folder! If I then turn
off UAC and restart, my documents are back.

This also affects the New menu when you right click in an Explorer window
(it's empty), and prevents some programs from starting like Windows Live
Mail (desktop) when UAC is turned on again.

I have found that I can get my documents back by right-clicking on Documents
in the Start menu, going to Properties, the Security tab, and manually
adding my user account in with full control. But I am already an
administrator. Vista should do this automatically to my account so that
everything is correctly accessible. I've never seen this happen before.

What can be done to fix it. It's a fresh install of Vista, correctly
activated, updated, and everything else is running smoothly.


I did bring my documents into my account from my older installation, as well
as the installation files for programs like Windows Live Mail (desktop).
Could they have lost their rights along the way? It seems that whatever I
brought into this computer from the old installation are affected by turning
UAC on. What can I do?

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